Meet PixieBoard PRO PLUS

PixieBoard PRO PLUS is a small, powerful and highly integrated computer, with awesome wireless capabilities.

At mere 2” by 3.5”, PixieBoard PRO PLUS has four 1GHz ARM® Cortex™-A9 cores, a 2D coprocessor, a powerful Vivante™ GPU, video decoding acceleration, 4 GB of RAM, dual band MIMO WI-FI® for up to 866Mbps transfers, Bluetooth® 4.1 EDR, 4G/3G cellular modem, GPS and GLONASS, digital and high quality analog audio, three USB ports, dual uSD card slots, gyro, accelerometer, magnetometer (digital compass), tons and tons of GPIO and expansion options and all the power of Linux®.

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Enter NXP's i.MX6® QuadPlus

Definitely one of those powerful things to play, learn and create with, we didn’t find a computer that unleashed the full power of this amazing chip. This versatile, powerful chip is typically paired with wimpy WI-FI® and Bluetooth® modules, hardly any power management, no GPS, no mobile broadband, no sensors, no RTC, no high power USB ports, no fun!

We designed PixieBoard PRO PLUS to be powerful, reliable and flexible so you could unleash true computing might on your projects. An i.MX6®-based full featured computer for you to connect, play, learn, teach, discover, create, make, automate and take it where no one could have imagined.

Do Amazing Things!

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PixieBoard PRO PLUS designers used their years of experience in electronic and computer design to create a balanced platform, carefully selecting the different components and subsystems, so you can use PixieBoard PRO PLUS without restraint.

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The dual microSD card ports are capable of delivering up to 104MB/s each, for up to 208MB/s combined throughput* and up to 400GB of space with current SD card technology, that is close to SSD-level performance. You can also connect two USB 2.0-powered hard drives to PixieBoard PRO PLUS; the USB ports are designed to handle the extra power. If that isn’t enough, the PortBoards (coming soon!) offers a SATAII interface so you can plug your drives directly to PixieBoard PRO PLUS.

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PixieBoard PRO PLUS has better, faster wireless networking than most boards have wired networking, period. We decided to go all in and select a desktop class chipset to do the job along with a desktop class interface to match (PCI Express). The result is up to 866Mbps of theoretical WI-FI® goodness that make most internet applications fly. Forget about lackluster Bluetooth® dongles, the integrated Bluetooth® solution in PixieBoard PRO PLUS works right out of the box, with the latest technologies for you to experiment with.

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PixieBoard PRO PLUS is ready to stay always on and always connected, with the powerful world-mode Quectel® modem PixieBoard PRO PLUS is ready for all sorts of IoT apps. And we made sure PixieBoard PRO PLUS’s wireless hardware works perfectly with NetworkManager and ModemManager so you can setup your connections with just a couple of clicks and forget about AT commands and the command line.

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Right from the start the platform supports assisted GPS, GPS and GLONASS, with software and examples to boot.

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Open a whole new world of motion sensing possibilities and projects with the integrated 9-axis IMU.

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We know you will take PixieBoard PRO PLUS further, so we included a flexible expasion port with tons of industry standard I/O. Use it to connect one of the available expasion boards, or even better, make your own.

For Professionals

PixieBoard PRO PLUS has been designed to be a powerful, reliable, and well integrated platform, so you can worry only about your application. Leverage the decades of experience of our software and hardware engineers with this powerful platform. Develop your embedded app in desktop class hardware. From the highly integrated ArchLinux® OS Image, to distributed compiling, developing with PixiePro is a breeze.

The highly integrated I/O of the PixieBoard PRO PLUS enables a plethora of developing options:

  • Use distcc to compile your app across the network
  • Debug and deploy wirelessly
  • Its powerful enough for you to develop and compile on the platform itself

A system-on-module you can develop with from day one. Whether you want to use it standalone or as a part of your project, you can start testing and developing right away.

The connector layout (all PixieBoard PRO PLUS cable connectors share the same side of the board) was designed for easy integration into your product.

The wireless interfaces use standard antenna connectors so you can choose the antenna that will fit your application perfectly.

Integrate into your own hardware with the two expansion ports.

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